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Reliance, Reliance Plus

Technical Sheet Reliance
It comes in 18 great colors, it is versatile and innovative.
 Contrary to natural cotton terry cloth it does not absorb water but rather repels it, therefore drying faster when wet.
On contact with the skin it is surprisingly comforting without the feeling of dampness. It is incredibly abrasion resistant.

The Martindale test indicates an abrasion resistance equal to 90.000 cycles. This feature makes it applicable in public seating.
It has been treated against staining and is machine washable.

 Reliance Plus can be used to upholster internal or external cushioning or seating. When wet, water does not penetrate through to the padding, giving a perfectly hygienic transpiration of the cushion*.

*When the standard quality (stability to light 5/8 UNI EN ISO 105 B02, scala dei blu) is left outside during long periods of non-use, Reliance Go to the shop have to be protected by a covering made with one of our products part of the RainCover range.
Please enquire the office to know the minimum quantity necessary to its production.

*The version Reliance Plus is made by coupling the fabric with a waterproof and breathable membrane. The membrane has been purposely designed to allow the release of vapor and not air. For this reason we recommend the application of an air vent or mesh to allow the release of the air trapped inside the seat, thus avoiding the “balloon” effect (which could damage the membrane or the cushioning). 

Thanks to our proprietary technologies the fabric can be modified to be self supporting.

This fabric will outlast the durability of Terry cloth.

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Colour Card

Reliance Antracite

Reliance Avorio

Reliance Beige

Reliance Blu

Reliance Blu Navy

Reliance Caffe

Reliance Cobre

Reliance Khaki

Reliance Lime

Reliance Marrone

Reliance Nero

Reliance Pietra

Reliance Pistacchio

Reliance Rosso

Reliance Rubino

Reliance Taupe

Reliance Viola


Maintenance and cleaning guide of the product

Routine care and maintenance will ensure long life and beauty.

Any stains or spills should be cleaned promptly with a neutral soapy solution and rinsed with water to remove soap residue.

The material is washable at up to 30°C, and can be ironed at a low setting.
Preferably wash separately the first time.
Do not tumble dry. Dry clean with any solvent except for Trichloroethane.

The version Reliance Plus cannot be ironed.

The version Reliance Plus cannot be dry cleaned.