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Yankee, YankeeFR, Ranger

Technical Sheet LeatherMotive
Is foundamentally athermic and its formulation is not attacked by micro bacteria. LeatherMotive Go to the shop is a mildew free product.

For the most part LeatherMotive Go to the shop can be cleaned using a simple solution of water and natural detergents. More resistant stains can be removed using an alcohol based solution. Without pretending to be vandal-proof, LeatherMotive Go to the shop is without doubt one of the easiest materials to maintain in terms of washability.
LeatherMotive Go to the shop is unbeatable for its resistance to the effects of seating; its elasticity gives the stitching a longer life than the seams on vinyl coated textiles or equally soft leather. Regardless of the softness and comfort which characterizes it, LeatherMotive Go to the shop can, in no uncertain terms, be classified as suitable for use on furnishing with a high passage of people, in fact its abrasion resistance has no equal. Compared with other materials with the same mechanical characteristics, LeatherMotive Go to the shop is light. An aspect which is particularly appreciated by the automotive industry where weight-saving equals energy saving.

LeatherMotive Go to the shop weighs at least half that of real leather with the same characteristics. After so many years of experience in the marine environment we are confidently able to say that the LeatherMotive Go to the shop fade resistance is excellent. With outstanding test results, the beauty and vividness of its color remain unchanged over time. LeatherMotive Go to the shop guarantees a much lower amount of waste, unlike natural leather where the efficiency of nesting depends on the regularity of the skin and so waste can easily arrive at up to 40%.

LeatherMotive Go to the shop has passed all the auto-extinguishing tests that it has been submitted to, in use for naval, automotive, railway and aeronautic and of course public hospitality. All this without the need for further treatments.
The animal lovers who would prefer not to sit on an animal skin will find on LeatherMotive Go to the shop the perfect alternative to natural leather for the pleasure and immeasurable sensation of luxury it gives. LeatherMotive Go to the shop has no plasticizers, heavy metals or stabilizers and does not undergo any of the treatments needed for natural leather or vinyl - both of which use highly polluting substance.

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Colour Card

LeatherMotive Ranger Blue Sky

LeatherMotive Ranger Chili Sauce

LeatherMotive Ranger Copper

LeatherMotive Ranger Green

LeatherMotive Ranger Indie Blue

LeatherMotive Ranger Melon

LeatherMotive Ranger Mocca

LeatherMotive Ranger Taupe

LeatherMotive Ranger Walnut

LeatherMotive Yankee Admiral

LeatherMotive Yankee Almond

LeatherMotive Yankee Chamois

LeatherMotive Yankee Desert Clay

LeatherMotive Yankee Ermine

LeatherMotive Yankee Ivory

LeatherMotive Yankee Light Oyster

LeatherMotive Yankee Navy

LeatherMotive Yankee Red

LeatherMotive Yankee White

Maintenance and cleaning guide of the product
Dab or wipe stains immediately before they penetrate the material.
Spot clean with mild soap and water.
For stubborn stains, use mild solvent.
Disinfect with a 5:1 bleach solution (non-chlorinated bleach only).
For tougher stains use specific specific cleaners of our formulation or alternatively alcohol-based cleaners.
Thanks to our proprietary technologies the fabric can be modified to be self supporting.