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Technical Sheet Mambo
The fabrics that make up the Mambo lines are PVC/PU coated. The thickness comes mainly from the layer of coating that composes the body of the material.

It is designed for durability whether it is exposed to the elements outdoors, or subjected to heavy traffic in public hospitality. Mambo's pleasant and innovative aspect hides its advanced technical design which is what is behind the fabric's durability and ease of maintenance.

Transforming Mambo in to a finished product is simple and satisfying, whether converted in to cushions or paneling of any upholstery style. The material can be thermo-molded.

With Mambo our intention was to imitate a traditional canvas, with a wealth of chromatic variances that enhance its natural look, the surface appearance is probably the most innovative of all, in line with the most sophisticated of design trends. The colour pallet is eye-catching and adapts perfectly to international flavours and tastes.

The Mambo range can be utilized just as well outdoors as indoors.
 The Mambo collection is ideal for those environments where maintenance needs to be fast and effective without having to remove the cushions and covers.
It also comes, with a minimum order, in the Fire Retardant versions, otherwise all other Mambo styles are immediately available from stock in the non FR versions. 

Thanks to our proprietary technologies the fabric can be modified to be self supporting.

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Colour Card

Mambo Pearl Chili Sauce

Mambo Pearl Copper

Mambo Pearl Green

Mambo Pearl Indie Blue

Mambo Pearl Ivory

Mambo Pearl Melon

Mambo Pearl Mocca

Mambo Pearl Platinum

Mambo Pearl Sky Blue

Mambo Pearl Taupe

Mambo Pearl Walnut

Mambo Pearl White

Mambo Pearl White Cap

Mambo Black

Mambo Red

Mambo Aquamarine

Mambo Pearl Light Silver


Maintenance and cleaning guide of the product
The vinyl should be cleaned periodically in order to maintain its appearance and prevent build up of dirt and bacteria.
Any stain, spill or soiling should be cleaned promptly to prevent permanent staining.
To remove stains use soapy solutions or the specific FMG cleaner of our formulation.
Stains should be removed using a damp white cloth.
Lacquers and inks, strong cleaners, detergents and solvents such as thinner, acetone or alcohol can be very effective in removing stains, but cause immediate damage and contribute to the deterioration of the material.
The use of such cleaners is at the owner's risk.

Thanks to our proprietary technologies the fabric can be modified to be self supporting.