Who we are

This is the setting we grew up with and is one that we are very attached to, one which inspires us to strive for a certain type of lifestyle. Working in the Marche with the backdrop you can see in the photo has instilled a profound sense of quality into our DNA. Quality of life, appreciation of beauty and love of nature. A backdrop which we intend to protect and in doing so we have learned to balance the demands of economic-industrial development with those of nature.

This is the place that draws us back, whether from a trip by land, air or sea, the silhouette of Conero in the distance means we are almost home.

The image we have used as our introduction tells the tale of our voyage, one which was once uniquely made by sea towards the East but which, nowadays, can be undertaken in a myriad of modes and in all directions. We are a region made up of small numbers, wide spaces and a sparse population but nonetheless one overflowing with entrepreneurial innovation, which is reflected in the products we manufacture. People from the Marche are voyagers born with an innate interest toward other cultures and markets

“The sea is all-encompassing”. A phrase that has always been our company slogan, it’s where our journey began. Aspiring to measure ourselves against an environment which offers, whilst at the same time demands, unequalled quality and determination. Quality in terms of ideas and methods but also of technical solutions and materials because without which our journey would be very brief.

Granting the respect that the sea demands together with our candid intent, which today may sound a little romantic, permits us to look straight into the eyes of the Creative individuals we work with and who have made us a part of their inspiration for their Art.

Making us a little different.

Our textiles are the way we express the best of ourselves, technology is the way we produce them and the sea is where we test them. For years we dealt exclusively with the sea, making sail material and “dressing” boats both inside and out. We were forged by the rules of the sea: beauty together with performance and lasting durability in an environment where nothing lasts long. Our strength lies here, bringing the know how accumulated over the years to new environments with materials developed for indoor and outdoor, private and public furnishing – architecture and pure design.

Beauty and resilience – the perfect combination.

The challenge was to expand from marine/naval into other sectors which are difficult to break into: public transport, sunshades, facades and architectural screens and surfaces. These are impenetrable sectors if the quality standards are not of the highest degree.

Finally passion. We are passionate about our clients, companies large and small, who continue to believe as we do in “quality at the right price”. Striving to serve them through innovation, professionalism and technology in real time and with a real smile.

Headquarters and registered office:
Via Jesina 60, 60022 Castelfidardo (AN)
tel: +39 071 22163