Raincover by Aquastop

Raincover by Aquastop Raincover by Aquastop Raincover by Aquastop Raincover by Aquastop Raincover by Aquastop

The Cover Fabrics range is constituted by highly specialized materials that introduce important novelties in the market

The water column of all the fabrics that make up the Parasol by Aquastop range can be boosted by various processes such as resin impregnation, coating and lamination.

We have designed the standard range RainCover by Aquastop in the various versions utilizing the Parasol 150 as a base, but we can make any of the versions mentioned below out of the Parasol 70 and Parasol 100.

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Marine Technical Sheet
The Marine version is made by resin impregnation of the Parasol 150 and its water column achieves 300mm. The fabric can be welded utilizing a special glue tape.


Technical Sheet Plus
The Plus version is made by resin coating the Parasol 150 and its water column achieves 1300mm. The fabric can be welded utilizing a special glue tape.


Technical Sheet Ultra
The Ultra version has the amazing characteristic of being a real temperature barrier. We have measured 13°C of isolation, whether from heat or cold. It means that if one face of the fabric is hit by 33°C the other face will be roughly 20°C. An amazing comfort and energy saving feature. The water column is 5000mm. The fabric can be welded utilizing a special.


Technical Sheet Breathe 70
With this very special fabric line we intend to respond to the need for a waterproof yet brethable fabric. It's the answer for who has to cover furniture or equipment from natural elements. We applied a waterproof and breathable membrane to our Parasol 70, but we can do the same process to Parasol 100 and Parasol 150. The Fabrics by Aquastop are naturally water repellent but their water column reaches respectively 70/100/150mm. The application of the membrane make the fabrics waterproof to 5mt of water column and at the same time allows the vapour that builds up under the cover to be released through the material.

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Colour Card

Aquastop Covers Plus

Breathe 70 Checker Blue

Breathe 70 Carbon Look

Breathe 70 Dacron Look

Breathe 70 Titanium Look

Breathe 70 Kevlar Look

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Beige

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Blue Sky

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Brick

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Burgundy

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Cadet Grey

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Canvas

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Champagne

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Dune

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Green

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Marine Blue

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Navy Blue

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Senape

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Snow White

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra Taupe

Aquastop Breathe 100, Ultra White Canvas

Aquastop Marine, Plus, Breathe 150 Burgundy

Aquastop Marine, Plus, Breathe 150 Cadet Grey

Aquastop Marine, Plus, Breathe 150 Dune

Aquastop Marine, Plus, Breathe 150 Marine Blue

Aquastop Marine, Plus, Breathe 150 Navy Blue

Aquastop Marine, Plus, Breathe 150 White Canvas

Maintenance and cleaning guide of the product
Routine care and maintenance will ensure long life and beauty.
Any stains or spills should be cleaned promptly with a neutral soapy solution and rinsed with water to remove soap residue.
The material is washable at up to 30°C, and can be ironed at a low setting.
Preferably wash separately the first time. Do not tumble dry. Dry clean with any solvent except for Trichloroethane.

Aquastop the yarn

Aquastop is outdoor-functional by nature if compared to other fibers such as Polyester or Nylon. It is an innovative and performing fiber.

Eco friendly The raw material consists exclusively of carbon and hydrogen. There is no waste yarn in spinning process.

Hydrophobic yarn Aquastop is hydrophobic by nature: with a maximum absorption rate of 0,05% is the least absorbent yarn available for soft woven textiles. As it does not absorb moisture into the fiber, drying time is minimal.

Lightweight Aquastop is the lightest of all fibers and is lighter than water (density is 0.91). It is 30% lighter than polyester, 20% lighter than nylon and 25% lighter than Acrylic.

Thermal conductivity This fiber possesses the lowest thermal conductivity of any natural or synthetic fiber. The insulation factor is greater by weight for Aquastop than other fiber.

Chemically resistant Aquastop will not react to ordinary chemicals, body salts or sweat and will not degrade in their presence. Why is this significant? Even if attacked by acid rain, it will not break down.

No retention Bacteria, mold and mildew cannot grow on AQUASTOP, and will not damage the fiber. This because they only grow with water.

Colour fastness Aquastop is pre-colored in the liquid stage before spinning so the color in the fiber is part of the fiber itself. This fiber will hold color no matter the final use. During life of the fabric colors won’t be damaged. The test method selected for Color fastness to light was the European UNI EN ISO 105 B02 and give 7-8/8 in the Blue Scale.

Abrasion resistant It is a durable fiber, and will withstand use and tear. Fabric will stay looking new for longer. The abrasion resistance to the Martindale test method leaves the woven unchanged after 50.000 cycles. The Spray Test has given the highest result in the evaluation scale.

Applications: upholstery, covers, curtains, bags.

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