UV Furling & Co.

UV-Furling and Specialty


Coated Oxford nylon fabric for the manufacture of bags and dust covers and for a wide variety of other marine and industrial uses.


Light weight solution-dyed fabric designed to protect furling sails from the effects of UV rays. It shows top colour stability and enables breathing of the enclosed areas between the protective fabric and the sail, reducing the risk of mildew.

The special composition of the acrylic adhesive guarantees a long lasting glueing tenacity. Anti-decay, mildew-proof and transparent for years.


Polyester with acrylic adhesive, polyurethane coating to protect the abrasion. Available in seven colors.


Aquastop yarn based fabric for sail patching, UV resistant and anti-mold with acrylic-based adhesive.

PVC Screen

Mesh materials are woven with an open texture, which can be coarse or fine. The network of holes allows water to drain and encourages materials to dry quickly without forming mildew.

Its applications are many fold, depending on the composition of the mesh material.

This type of screen is used mainly for solar roofs, windshields, outdoor furniture, fabric blinds, banner advertising and fund-cushion.


High tenacity polyester fabric available in two weights Ideal for snuffer.


These extra strong woven polyester mesh materials with a thick vinyl coating and UV as well as mildew inhibitors, are designed for industrial applications such as large fixed outdoor shades (some with F/R standards) as well as trampolines on large catamarans.

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